Why Bother?

Why Bother? are created by Bartosz “Boro” Borowski (Lonker See), Maciej Szkudlarek (Terrazzo, Logophonic) and Łukasz “Kuman” Kumański (Me and That Man, Mulk). In 2021, they released their debut album “Why Bother?”. The album was made from start to finish in two days, so you can feel this spontaneity and austerity here. The result is a music full of emotions that tugged the musicians during the women’s strike last fall. These events were the catalyst for Why Bother?, the impetus to move forward from the hoof. A rebellious, punk spirit saturated with noise, psychedelia and other alternative inventions hovers over the whole. Both the coronavirus pandemic and the autumn strikes of women, apart from lack of hope, anger and other negative emotions, were able to turn into something positive. The album “Why Bother?” is so universal that it will not lose its relevance. Emotions are the foundation of artistic work, and this album does not lack them.