Ambro Fiszoski + 07420Norma + Adrian Ugowski

Ambro Fiszoski is an artist who cannot be contained in any style. He met Da Vosk Docta, he is fascinated by Eminem’s rap and fantasy literature, and he had access to the studio since he was a child thanks to his friend. His music may evoke associations with trap metal, but many more shades cut through it, it is the result of inspiration on the one hand by Bones and on the other by Burzum.

Adrian Ugowski – founder of Korozja, producer and DJ. Formerly known as ShortyUnInc and Shoreti. He has collaborated with such artists as Pikers, Młody Osa, MFC, Baron, Ksiaze, Q, Dester, Młody Zgred, Wiktor from WWA. His music is a cross-genre mix that includes, among others, trap, deconstructed club, alternative hip-hop, breakcore, dancehall. His debut material – “Trap epilog” – was released in 2019. 07420Norma made his debut in 2020 with their joint single “Samoloty”. If Yung Lean or Xavier Wulf are playing in your hearts, you should check this track.

Soundrive Online Festival 2020: Korozja (07420Norma)

Fiszoski, Ugowski i 07420Norma pokazują pełną moc Korozji –

Ambro Fiszoski: Bardziej fascynuje mnie Mgła niż Ghostemane [podcast]