Alfah Femmes

The band was established in the Summer of 2018 and released their EP under the name “Alpha Females” in the Fall of the same year. There were four musicians involved, and this first album included four songs – each in a slightly different musical style. The release was an experiment aimed at verifying the final tone of the band, and ended in half-success, since the specific sound of the band became defined much later, with the addition of new instruments (cello and keys) to an otherwise standard rock ensemble.

The finding of own sound and the presence of new members inspired the group to change its name to a shorter and fiercer: Alfah Femmes. The band strongly recommends other bands not to change their name, especially those at the beginning of their activity, and even more so those who have already collected first positive reviews under their original name. This is an objectively dumb move. However sometimes being dumb just feels too good, like writing songs in a shaky economic reality or spontaneous changes in the names of newly formed bands. Hence, the first LP – “No Need to Die” – released by the band Alfah Femmes on October 24th 2020, contains a couple cover songs of the little known band “Alpha Females” which disappeared faster than it emerged, somewhere at the turn of 2018-2019.

As for the perks, the band got nominated for the Pomeranian Storms Award in the category of “Discovery of the Year in Culture” twice (in 2019 and 2021).